Why Face a DUI Charge with an Oklahoma City DUI Defense Lawyer on Your Side

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Are you facing a DUI charge in Oklahoma City? If so, you may be wondering if you should hire an attorney. Taking on a DUI charge in court can be nerve-wracking if you are alone and do not have experience with it. Thus, hiring an experienced Oklahoma City DUI Defense Lawyer can provide you with the best chance of winning your case. The following are reasons you need to face a DUI charge with an attorney on your side:

The Law is Complex

To prevail in a DUI case, you must understand DUI law. A DUI attorney has a firm grasp of what must be done to take on your DUI case. you don’t want to navigate the complex legal system you are not familiar with if you don’t want to lose track along the way. You must think about what is at stake and what you might end up giving up when you make a mistake. Keep in mind that you saying just one wrong word can result in you losing your driver’s license, so it’s best to have an attorney handle your case. 

You Could Face Immediate Consequences After the Arrest

A DUI arrest can lead to immediate consequences. A suspension of your driver’s license can happen by default. Sometimes, you may not be able to appeal the license suspension if you fail to do so within a particular period. You must hire an attorney who is familiar with DUI defense. They know how an arrest can affect your license and what to do when this happens. 

You Could Face Significant Penalties

A DUI conviction can result in serious consequences. Once you are charged in a municipal city court, you face a $1, 200 fee and spend time in jail for six months. Even first-time offenders can spend ten days in jail and pay a fine of $1, 000.

But you may be able to avoid a conviction if you are a first-time offender as long as you have a reliable attorney defending you. Repeated DUI offenses can leave you being charged with a felony DUI. For a first felony offense, you could pay a fine of $2, 500 and spend time in the state penitentiary for 1-5 years. You can get your penalties reduced if you have an attorney fighting for your case. 

A DUI Conviction Can Affect Other Areas of Your Life

A DUI record can make it hard for you to land a high-paying job, find housing, or get accepted at a college. This effect can last for years and you may lose more than just your freedom, driver’s license, and money. To avoid these consequences, you must hire a lawyer who will help you avoid a conviction.