5 Things to remember while importing your car to Canada

Foreign law and rules keep changing and it would be wise to get the latest details before importing your car to Canada. Thus, car import can be cheaper than buying a car in Canada from a local dealer. Canada doesn’t have many options in automobiles than USA. Thus, the US often observes people looking to import a car to Canada. If you are also thinking of transporting your car to Canada, this article will be helpful.

More requests float in when you try to import a vintage vehicle to Canada from the United States. Regardless of what vehicle you plan to transport, you must know how the process functions and the formalities involved in it.

Follow these 5 tips while importing your car to Canada:

  1. Check your vehicle’s qualification:

Before you hire a car importing firm or submit request for car import to Canada, it would be wise to check if your car qualified to be driven on Canadian’s roads. Like any other country, Canada has its rules the transport authorities. Check out with the Registrar of Imported Vehicles or Transport Canada to check the eligibility.

  1. Documentation requirements:

The importation process also involves certain documents while traveling to Canada in own vehicle. Before you cross the Canadian borders, these documents need to be submitted and approved by the Registrar. A few mandatory documents include;

Title ownership documentation

  • Certificate of origin
  • Clearance letter from the USA
  • ITN number
  • Bill of Sale
  1. Follow the rules:

Don’t even try to skip or ignore any rule. Neglecting the mandatory formalities will put you in delays, penalty, or application rejection by Canadian government. Thus, you must obey their rules and follow all the formalities associated with car import to Canada. In case of any confusion, connect with a good broker.

  1. Exporting process:

To import a vehicle to Canada, you need to export the vehicle from the United States. Thus, you need to follow the 72 hours advance rule to understand how crossing the borders look like. Your customs broking firm will help you understand the process clearly. Keep your ITN number, title, and other papers ready at this step.

  1. Importing process:

Once you have successfully completed the export formalities in the USA, focus on the process of import a car to Canada. A few steps included at this stage include CBSA, bill of sale, payment receipts of duties or taxes, etc…