Can I Buy Travel Insurance On My Own?

Travel Medical Insurance, often known as overseas travel insurance, aims to safeguard the policyholder when travelling overseas for whatever reason. Travel health insurance is beneficial for medical crises that necessitate medical care or hospitalisation and emergency evacuations or withdrawals overseas.

What Is Travel Health Coverage?

Medical emergencies are never pleasant, regardless of location. Any situation requiring medical attention or hospitalisation can be even more upsetting when travelling than at home. Online travel insurance plays a crucial function in safeguarding against any medical crises that may arise while travelling.*

Medical travel insurance is a policy that provides coverage if you are hospitalised while travelling due to a sickness or accident. Without this insurance, medical costs overseas can be rather expensive. In such a circumstance, travel health insurance is a valuable plan that provides financial protection and facilitates the use of medical services while travelling.*

Why is Travel Health Insurance Necessary?

Despite the high cost of international travel, you may need help avoiding the journey. Any unexpected expenses incurred during your travel can be a significant financial hardship. So, the following situations illustrate why you need overseas travel insurance when travelling abroad:*

Coverage for disease and sickness: If you are diagnosed with a COVID-19 infection during your vacation and are hospitalised. As a result, your medical expenses will be covered under the accident and sickness medical coverage feature. In addition, if you become ill, experience a medical emergency, or are involved in an accident that requires hospitalisation, these costs will be covered. In addition, if your policy ends during your hospital stay, you will be covered for the next 60 days or until you are discharged, whichever comes first.*

If your passport or luggage is lost: During a journey, it is common to misplace your luggage or passport. Yet, online travel insurance helps alleviate such an event’s mental stress and financial loss. In the event of a lost passport, the insurance coverage will cover the cost of a replacement or duplicate passport. In contrast, some valuable personal items from lost baggage can be paid for monetarily*

Travel insurance can be helpful if you must be transported to a hospital abroad due to a medical emergency. In addition, if you need to return to India for additional medical care, this can also be covered by your travel insurance.*

Cancellation or flight delay: Your flight may be cancelled due to inclement weather, airline issues, or other unforeseen circumstances. Your travel medical insurance may pay you for these losses. In addition, if you must cancel your flight due to a family emergency, the coverage might pay you for the ticket and hotel costs.*

You can buy travel insurance on your own but make sure to look out for:

Characteristics of Foreign Travel Health Insurance in India

Plans for travel health insurance are highly adaptable and offer extensive coverage based on your needs. Listed below are a few distinguishing characteristics of travel health insurance plans in India:

Access to a cashless hospitalisation facility: If you are covered by travel health insurance in India and are hospitalised due to a medical emergency, you do not have to pay for the charges out of your pocket. The medical insurance for travel would give a cashless hospitalisation option, wherein the insurance coverage will pay the hospital’s medical expenses directly.*

Offered for occasional or frequent travellers: Many travel health insurance plans can be tailored to fit the demands of frequent travellers. These domestic travel insurance packages are adaptable and cover single journeys for occasional travellers and several trips for frequent travellers.*

Regardless of where you travel, travel insurance benefits assure you are covered for medical help 24×7, should a medical emergency arise.*

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